1. On-site Audits

    Compliance with best practice and current legislation.
  2. Risk Assessments

    Independent risk assessments.
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    Approved Codes of Practice

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On-Site Audits  

Steve Mount has developed independent Legionella audits to review your existing Legionella control systems and comment on their effectiveness, their compliance with best practice and the latest relevant legislation and guidance.

The fact that you have “always done it that way” may not mean that you have an adequate system in place for the control of Legionella. Our audits will examine your current scheme of control including management responsibilities, monitoring and inspection records and training and competence checks of site and service provider personnel involved in the management of Legionella. This will allow us to make specific recommendations to ensure compliance with the regulations.

For non-compliant sites the auditor would work closely with you to ensure that a compliant strategy is developed and implemented as quickly as possible.

There are numerous benefits of using a truly independent auditor including:

Confidence to demonstrate to the authorities that your existing control systems       

are compliant with current best practice and guidance

A fresh approach by an experienced industry specialist can often spot those unseen


An unbiased independent audit ensures that you get what is best for you and your



Contact Steve on 07787 524066, EMAIL or go to his company website for more information.

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