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Management of Legionella risk in building water systems and the role of the authorised/responsible/nominated and competent people (ACoP L8, HSG274 and HTM 04-01)

3 day course

This three day course is designed for all staff concerned with the operation and management of water systems in buildings and who may be appointed as an Authorised Person, Responsible Person, Nominated Person or Competent Person. The course provides delegates with knowledge about the Legionella bacteria and the skills to manage Legionella in building water systems.

This course is particularly beneficial for delegates who already have a good knowledge of Legionella in building water systems.

The course objectives are to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to:

Know how Legionella colonises water systems

Identify the nature and sources of Legionella bacteria

Recognise the different Legionella strains and the diseases they cause

List environments where Legionella can cause problems and identify and evaluate risk areas in relation to water safety

Understand how water system components should operate safely

Disinfect hot and cold water systems

Undertake temperature and water sampling

Understand microbiology of water systems and microbiological analysis

Describe the format and layout of Legionella risk assessments and logbooks and know how to record relevant information

Identify and interpret the relevant statutory and non-statutory documentation

Describe the responsibilities of the Responsible People and implement their legal duties

Manage Legionella risks using competent personnel to carry out risk assessment and monitoring techniques

Assess the efficiency of the system records, sampling and record keeping procedures