1. On-site Audits

    Compliance with best practice and current legislation.
  2. Risk Assessments

    Independent risk assessments.
  3. Legislation

    Approved Codes of Practice

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Interpretation of Risk and Monitoring Procedures in hot and cold water systems.

(HSG274 and HTM04-01)

1 day course

Are you compliant or even over compliant?

Are your contractors competent, are you sure they are doing the required job?

Why are you having your cold water tanks disinfected every year?

Why are you having so many samples taken?

Are you spending money when you don't need to?

Why do you need to change, you've always done it this way?

How often do you need to do these monitoring procedures?

Could you be more efficient?

This course has been designed to address these and many other issues.

The course objectives are to equip staff to interpret the HSG274 and HTM04-01 guidance for routine monitoring procedures in non-healthcare and healthcare environments and translate the guidance into procedures designed to effectively manage risk to a level as low as reasonably practicable, while maximising the effective use of resources in relation to the risks in the system.

Delegates will acquire the knowledge and skills to:

Be aware of the history, medical aspects, occurrence, ecology and transmission of Legionella.

Be aware of what Legionella bacteria need to grow and where they thrive.

Acquire an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the legal requirements and other guidance.

Adopt appropriate hot and cold water monitoring procedures, whilst using available resources in the most efficient and effective way.