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Awareness of Pseudomonas risk in building water systems

(HTM04-01: Addendum)

1 day course

This one day course has been designed for all staff involved with patient safety and specifically estates and facilities and infection prevention and control teams, focusing on specific additional measures to control/minimise the risk of  P. aeruginosa.

The course objectives are to enable delegates to acquire knowledge of Pseudomonas bacteria and apply that knowledge in managing Pseudomonas in building water systems. 

The course objectives are to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to:

Be aware of the history, medical aspects, occurrence, ecology and transmission

Be aware of what Pseudomonas bacteria need to grow and where they thrive

Understand the legal requirements and other guidance

Identify areas of concern in building water systems

Manage the risks of Pseudomonas contamination

Understand the medical aspects of Pseudomonas and the diseases it causes